Our shelves are brimming with traditional Christmas Items including many of the things you enjoy at your holiday table.

* Panettone, and Pondoro imported from Italy.
* Torrone (all artisan made in Italy – Pistacio, Hazelnut and Almonds.
* Fabri Strawberry Fruit in Syrup’Fabri Wild Cherrys in Syrup
* Italian Chestnut Organic Honey
* Amaretti

* Rio Mare Italian Tuna in olive oil – one of the best tasting Italian tuna available.
* Rio Mare Italian Tuna an Corn Salad – great on salads or pasta
* Barolo e’ Tartufo – Balsamic style delicacy of Barola wine infused with truffle. Try this on steaks, fish, vegetables or salads
* Slitti – milk or dark chocolate disc with hazelnuts or almonds.

Monograno Organic Pasta – made of Kamut wheat flour.

Trackelments Onion Marmelage, Carmelized Onions, a unique flavor blend of onions and seasonings.

Salumi, Olives, Cheeses, Pasta Sauce, Crusty Italian Bread, Fresh Moozarella

Specialty Salads

Of course we will have our own homemade Cenci and Cannoli, Pizza Rustica and Cheesecake.

Let us help you with your holiday party by ordering trays of Lasagna, Eggplant and Sausage and Peppers. We can also put a gift basket together for you.

WINE….We have over 120 different labels for you to choose from.

Want a unique gift that keeps on giving? Pick up a copy of BASTA PASTA, a collection of Augello Family favorite recipes and stories.

Buon Natale