Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st. Let’s Celebrate.

Fathers come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  They are super heroes for little boys and prince charming for little girls. A Father is a loving parent who is always there to support and guide you, who believes in you endlessly and will always guide you on the right path.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who care for their children beyond imagination, who work hard to give their family nothing but the very best they can. We thank you for all the wonderful things that you do that we sometimes fail to notice. God Bless You All and we wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.

This year our family, as we always do, we will gather here to recognize the wonderful Fathers in our family. First and foremost my husband, Charlie, the father of our 4 children who is also Nonno to 9 and Bis-Nonno to 2.We will celebrate our son Chuck the Father to 2 outstanding young men and then, too, our son-in-law Gary the Father to 2 of our 2 beautiful and youngest granddaughters. Of course, Charlie and I will be remembering our Fathers who were good hardworking men who loved their families.  I was very close to my Dad, even though I was the 3rd child in a family of 4.  He always told me I would marry my Prince Charming, and I did, but my Dad will always be King.

We will have a typical Italian dinner and then for dessert because Charlie likes anything pistachio I will be serving this little treat.  Actually I will have to double the recipe for our large family and it will be accompanied by a chocolate cake of some sort because we will also celebrate Olivia’s 7th birthday.

Happy Father’s Day to All
Remembering especially First Responders
and all those serving to keep us free and safe.

Charlie, Anita
The Entire Augello Family
E.48th Street Market Staff.