Father’s Day is fast approaching. We will celebrate these men on Sunday, June 21st this year. A few year’s ago I wrote about a very special menu we had one Father’s Day in our house which included among many other things, Bistecca Fiorentina. After several requests I repeated it a few more times on our web page and also at home. What could be more simple and more delicious. 

This year I am switching it up a little. There will still be most of the old favorites, of course a pasta dish, but this year I am doing Lamb Chops Fiorentina! Is there such a thing, I don’t know? But that’s what our menu will be. We do enjoy a good thick lamp chop. We’ll use Loin Lamb Chops. These are the chops that resemble T-bone steaks. 

So the recipe goes like this: 

Loin Lamb Chops – 1-inch to 1 ½- inches thick. 
(the number depends on how many you are feeding 
and their appetite size.) 

Coat each chop with olive oil – for this you have to use a good quality. Then sprinkle each chop with, salt, freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder. Sprinkle both sides and massage each chop so that the mixture is firmly embedded. Place on a dish and let rest for an hour in the refrigerator or so but remove and let come to room temperature before you place on the grill. 

Get your grill good and hot and cook the chops, turning only once until you get to the desired doneness. Turn with tongs so that you don’t pierce the meat and release the juices. 

This goes well with a nice Caprese Salad with the Market’s home made mozzarella and your favorite vegetables. 

Don’t forget a nice bottle of wine. Charlie recommends a choice of the following: 

• Orlando Rosso Langhe 
• Feudo Maccari, Nero di Avola 
• Avignonesi Rosso di Montepulciano 

He’ll be happy to help you find these at the Market. 

For Dessert this year we will have Strawberry Gelato. 


• 4 Cups Fresh Strawberries, rinsed, diced and divided 
• 2 Cups Whole Milk 
• ½ Cup Cream 
• 1 Cup Sugar 
• 1 teaspoon Fresh Lemon Juice 
• Extra Strawberries for Garnish 

Puree’ 3 cups of strawberries and set aside. In a medium pot on medium heat, bring milk and cream to a simmer, stirring frequently. Do not let it scorch. Add sugar and continue to simmer until sugar is well combined. Do not let this mixture come to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in strawberry puree’ and lemon juice Refrigerate for at least 5 hours or overnight. 

When completely chilled, stir in remaining strawberries and transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and process according to the machine’s directions. Garnish with whole or sliced berries. 

This makes 6 servings so for our gathering we will have to make this in advance in triplicate and freeze. If you prefer you can also use raspberries. I have a feeling we will have something chocolate, too while we sip Prosecco. 

In the words of Rev. Billy Graham: 

“A good father is one of the most Unsung, Unnoticed, Unpraised, and yet is one of the Most Valuable assets in our society.” 

Wishing one and all a Happy Father’s Day. May your blessings today be many.