Over the years as we have traveled to Italy we have had the pleasure of being introduced to many small business owners many of whom we have been so impressed with the quality of their product that we import it to be sold in our Market.

One such place is Forno Faffa located in the small town of Ponte Valleceppi located at the base of the city of Perugia. Founded in 1851 the bakery is now run by Vincenzo Faffa’s great-great grandson Luigi along with his wife, Antonella and daughter Valentina. In an unbroken chain the tradition continues of bread making established so long ago by selecting the finest of basic ingredients and always focusing on quality.

Currently Forno Faffa produces about twenty different types of bread whose flavor takes us back in time when bread was King of the Table. And among Forno Faffa’s other specialties are baked goods prepared in the typical Umbrian tradition such as Torta di Pasqua, La Torta Dolce, il Torcolo di San Costanza, la Ciaramicola, and Tozzetti.

So impressed are we with the quality of the Faffa products that we have selected two biscotti that are now available at the Market for your enjoyment. The almond biscotti with a unique and memorable flavor and the Ciambelline all’ Anise which is a round rope like biscotti with anise and raisins, another flavor combination that will be enjoyed with your morning coffee or an after dinner dessert.

We have had the privilege of not only meeting Luigi, Antonella and Valentina but we have become friends and never get to Umbria without stopping in to say hello and stock up on those products which we enjoy so much but are too delicate to ship to the states. This is not easy work, as we well know. But their baked goods are truly delicious beyond compare and we are delighted that in our endeavor to always provide you with the very best, you too can now also experience a taste of traditional Umbria.



Pictured here with Charlie and me are daughter, Valentina, Grandmother (Luigi’s Mother Argentina), Luigi and Antonella.