franchi seeds
Once again we are pleased to offer for your planting enjoyment, Franchi Italian Seeds. Just an FYI, Franchi buys 70% of its seeds from Italian farmers. Someone from Franchi visits the farmers on a regular basis to make sure that the seed crops are healthy and that the quality standards are upheld to ensure that your garden will have a good yield. Franchi seed packets are big, beautiful and the seed amount is always generous. Plus an English-language label has growing instructions too.

Our supply is in and among those that we have are:
Heirloom Tomatoes – San Marzano Tomatoes – Parsley
Sage – Wild Arugula- Peppers – Variety of Basil
and more.

Supply is limited so come and get your seeds while the selection is still good. It is almost time to dig in the dirt again. Also it’s a good time to jump start them indoors.