Our Grocery Selections

E. 48th STREET MARKET shelves are stocked with a broad selection of carefully selected traditional imported and domestic Italian products. You will be able to find everything you need to create perfect Italian dinners at home.

Chocked full of specialty Italian foods that are perfect for today’s busy lifestyle. Our ready-to-eat meals are delicious, easy to store in the freezer, quick to heat and nutritious. We carry a varied selection of imported and domestic tomatoes, vinegars, extra virgin olive oils.

We stock the freshest and finest 100% extra virgin olive oil imported directly from the Le Vigne Estate in Umbria, Italy. Every year Charlie travels to Italy during the olive harvest to hand-pick the Market’s fresh olives for the press.

Since focus is on quality rather than quantity, each year’s harvest is limited, Charlie encourages pre-ordering for this year’s pressing. Our olive selection includes the Market’s signature “Roasted Olives” as well as stuffed olives. We stock all of the ingredients needed to make your own special Antipasto at home. The Market’s homemade marinara sauce is conveniently available either in a jar or made fresh daily.

Market’s Freezer

Enjoy some of the Market’s fresh-frozen meals on hand. You can count on us to have the best frozen Italian specialty items in stock. The Market’s freezer has many delicious specialty foods with ‘real’ ingredients that you can enjoy at home and at your convenience. Such as:

•Braciole—Beef steak filled with onion, salami, bread crumbs, cheese and parsley
•Braciole Siciliana—Beef steak filled with hard boiled egg, bread crumbs, cheese parsley
•Cervellata—Traditional Sicilian sausage made with cheese and parsley and coiled into a ring.
•Bis Nonna—all beef meat loaf- This is a traditional recipe from Anita’s mother.
•Italian Chili—One of our signature dishes made with a blend of Market’s Italian sausage and ground beef. Bolognese sauce—A meat-based sauce for pasta originating in Bologna, Italy.
•Italian beef—Thinly sliced braised beef seasoned with traditional Italian spices.
•Cavatelli—Small pasta shells made with ricotta Gnocchi—Homemade-a traditional Italian dumpling made with potato
•Sfogliatelle—Italian pastries that look like seashells. The dough is light and flaky with a wonderful sweetened ricotta, semolina and orange flavor mix. Preparing is simple, just bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 40 minutes or until golden in color, always fresh from the oven to your table.
•Calamari—Cleaned body and tubes


The Parmigiano-Reggiano, grana and pecorino are the staples of the traditional Italian table cheeses. We do have other imported cheeses available, however, the selection varies since we only stock fresh cheeses when they are available.

We also have a selection of domestic table, deli cheeses and our specialty, fresh made daily mozzarella and Mozzarella di Casa rolled mozzarella with Italian cold cut meats, roasted peppers and herbs as well as a Vegetarian, with spinach, roasted peppers and herbs. The Mozzarella di Casa makes an exceptional salad topping, snack or a fast hors d’oeuvre on a slice of toasted Italian bread.

Homemade Pastas & Ravioli

We have over 40 selections of Pasta cuts both dry and fresh.
•Dried Pastas
•Extra Virgin Olive Oils
•Balsamic Vinegars


From imported bottled Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water (no carbonation), with carbonation sparkling to fruit flavored Italian sodas, tea, chinotto and bitters. Also, you can select a soda or choose from our fountain selections as well as an espresso, cappuccino or a cup of our fresh brewed coffee.

•Fountain Drinks
•Dr. Brown’s Sodas
•Manhattan Special—Natural flavored soft drinks; Vanilla Cream-made from pure vanilla bean
•Cherry-contains imported cherry juice
•Sarsaparilla-has the natural flavor from true root
•Orange-pure orange juice is added
•Gassosa-an old European favorite with a combination of lemon and lime extracts Chinto
•Orangina—A carbonated citrus beverage made from orange, lemon and mandarin juice
•San Pelligrino—Sparkling natural mineral water with carbonation added bottled in Lombardy, Italy.
•Bottled Waters