No fancy pots needed, just one very large one with a heavy lid and a steamer shelf.
You can use a round roasting rack for the shelf.
Steaming is a great way to cook lobster because the meat is so sweet and delicate.


• 1 Tbs Salt per each quart of water needed.
• 2 2 1/2 Lb lobsters (or larger)
• A little white wine vinegar
• A few shakes of Old Bay Seasoning

Bring the water to a boil. Place the lobsters on the steamer shelf and cover tightly.
Lower heat and steam for 12 – 15 minutes or just until they are bright red.
Remove from pot, place each on a large dish and start cracking.
Enjoy by dipping into individual little cups of melted better.
Every time we crack a lobster we toast the brave person who first picked a lobster out of the water and decided it was good to eat.
And if you are celebrating an Anniversary in June, Happy Anniversary and may your blessings be many.
For us this June is #50!
Boun Appetito!