1 Beef Chuck Pot Roast – 3lbs
1 Tbs Olive Oil – plus extra
10 Red Skinned Potatoes – small and halved
1 Onions – large, halved and sliced
A Few Carrots – sliced on diagonal,
oiled and seasoned
A Few Parsnips – sliced on diagonal,
oiled and seasoned
1 Large Onion – quartered
3 Tablespoons cornstarch dissolved in
3 Tablespoons Water or Beef Broth
1 Tsp Dried Oregano
Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder – to taste
¾ – 1 Cup Beef Broth or Water
Lemon Zest – optional

Wipe meat with paper towel and then rub with a little olive oil. Massage salt, pepper and garlic powder into the meat. Heat olive oil in large pot that can go into the oven. Brown onions and remove to a dish. Add pot roast and brown over med-high heat. Turn carefully to brown all over. Add beef broth or water and bring to a boil. Return onions to the pot and spread over the meat.

At this point you can cover tightly and cook on the stove And simmer for about 2 hours, checking occasionally to make sure liquid doesn’t dry up Or you can cook in the oven at 275º – 300º where it needs very little watching. After 2 hours, Add the vegetables and cook until vegetable are tender but not falling apart.

Remove meat and vegetables from pot and place on dish, covered to keep warm. Skim fat from pot and then stir in cornstarch mixture. Cook while stirring until thickened – about 2 minutes. Carve roast and serve on plate with vegetables with sauce poured over all or served on the side. We like lemon, so I sometimes top all with a little lemon zest.

On a cold day your kitchen will be warm and the aroma will be comforting!

Buon Appetito