Sue Wasserman Walk With Me Exploring Nature's Wisdom

For more than 20 years, freelance writer, publicist and nature photographer Sue Wasserman has written about people across Atlanta. Not just any person, but those who are passionate about what they do.

Some of her inspirational writings include baseball great Hank Aaron, Home Depot Co-founder Bernie Marcus, to yours truly. Her articles have appeared in publications such as Southern Living, The New York Times, American Style, Mountain Living, Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and many more.

Sue’s first and recently released book named “Walk with Me” is a beautifully written and inspiring book celebrating her own passion for nature’s extraordinary beauty. Her writing has a special way of welcoming the reader to join her as she wanders through the woods, sharing inspirational thoughts and musings in the hopes that we give ourselves the opportunity to open up and witness not only the beauty of nature but the beauty surrounding us in our own everyday lives.

I had the wonderful opportunity to review Sue’s book and found it enchanting and captivating. So much so, that I have wandered through it several times since then.

Charlie and I first met Sue many years ago when she wrote an article about E. 48th Street Market for Style Magazine. Since then we have followed each other as our lives continued to change and grow.

We are very excited for Sue and her first book and we hope you will join us on November 16th at the Market as she shares her thoughtful stories with our community.

We look forward to seeing you and we have no doubt you will enjoy meeting Sue Wasserman.

Kind regards,

Charlie and Anita