In the midst of all the confusion and concern about what’s happening and what will happen we have to try to live as normal a life as we possibly can to maintain our sanity as we hunker down and stay vigilant.

Passover for our Jewish friends and Easter for us and our Christian friends will not be the same. With self-isolation we will be missing our friends and families but we can work and should work at not feeling lonely and isolated.

As a family we are used to being together frequently but we have all signed on to Zoom so that we can visit and see each other and while that’s not the same as getting a big hug, it has helped us, especially me, feel connected.

So, while we will not be able to be together for Palm Sunday and Easter, I will make a special meal for us, set a nice table, we will dress up a little nicer than our now norm and we will Zoom and be together for a while sharing news and blowing kisses.

At the Market our shelves are stocked with everything you always expect to find when you come into the store such as Cuccidatti. We also have a variety of Colombo and also a gluten free Colomba.

Also, we have the very popular Imported Chocolate Easter Eggs.

If you can’t be with friends and family you might want to send some of these items to let them know you care.

Now, for the coming week as we lead up to Easter, we ask that you place your bread, sausage, party platters, and cold cut orders early. We don’t want to run out of anything you may want and you can order over the phone – 770-392-1499 – place your order, pay by credit card, let us know when you will pick up and we will deliver right to your car. Just pop the trunk or roll down the window and we will place your order in.

We will also have ready for you tins of Lasagna, Baked Ziti, Meatballs, Eggplant Casserole, Sausage and Peppers. It would be helpful if you would place your order for these items early as possible.

We are all in this together and until we have conquered this virus we will hold you all in our thoughts and prayers that you and your loved ones will remain safe and healthy. We are here to help you and make your life less hectic. We appreciate your friendship, support and loyalty more than we can tell you. Just let us know how we can help.

Charlie, Anita
“Everything will be ok”!