Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

This year Valentine’s Day is on Ash Wednesday. In addition to our traditional Valentines menu selections we have added a meatless selections for those who will be fasting.

We have all experienced the challenges of deciding which restaurant to go to, or even  to find a restaurant that can accommodate your schedule.  Not to mention the baby sitter challenge and the expense.

The Market’s Special Dinner for Two eliminates all of that by making it very simple for you to enjoy a romantic dinner in the comfort of your home.

First – order Your Special Dinner from our Valentine’s Day Menu.

Second – Decide what time you and your Valentine want to enjoy your dinner at home.

It’s that easy and simple and TOTALLY STRESS FREE.

Our dinner offers you choices of Appetizer, Entrée and Dessert and includes – Salad, Heart Shaped Italian Bread, Baci (an Italian chocolate kiss) and a Rose.

In addition, with your order of a Valentine Dinner we offer you a 10% discount on your choice from our Italian Wine selections.

Enjoy your special dinner in the privacy of your home….Give us a call or stop by and order your Valentine’s Day Dinner now.