Our wine collection is vast and always growing and selecting new and exciting wines to add to our inventory is a labor of love for both Anita and I. Our most recent addition is from a new producer to the Atlanta Market; Azienda Agricola Ca’Richeta of the Piedmont region of Italy.

Azienda Agricola Ca’Richeta has a long history dating back to the 1800’s. The winery suffered a tremendous loss during World War I and WW II; but through the courage, passion and care of the widowed women of the family and their four young children, the estate, the winery and its long held traditions have continue to live on today.

Currently, Enrico Orlando, the first of Giuseppe (Pinutin) grandsons, inherited not only the name of the grand-grand-grandmother but also the love for the beautiful Langhe area. Enrico continues making wine in the same artisan methods his grandfather employed; using grapes only from the estate, harvested only by hand and without the use of any machinery. The vineyard consists of only 10 acres which enables Enrico to carefully manage the farming, selection of the grapes and the processing of limited quantities of each of the wines.

Last year, Anita and I visited Piedmont; the home city of Anita’s mother; and we had the wonderful opportunity of being introduced to Enrico and his wines. We spent several hours one afternoon discussing everything from grapes, food, business, and of course, American (politics). We were so impressed with both the quality and unique taste profile of his wines and inquired as to where we were able to purchase them in the USA. To our surprise, his response was “they are not distributed in the United States.”

Enrico OrlandoHere we are 13 months later and we are so very proud and excited to share Enrico Orlando’s fine wines with you! A pallet of the following finest wines are currently being stocked at the Market.

Lange Rosso (Pinot Noir) D.O.C.
Nebbiolo D’Alba (Nebbiolo grape) D.O.C
Langhe Bianco (Chardonay) D.O.C.

We are confident you will enjoy all three wines as much as we did. Their tastes are pleasing to the palate and offer unique flavors and spices that you may not have experienced before in Piedmont wines.