L'Arco Wines

E. 48th Street Market’s next wine tasting event scheduled for Thursday, May 15th at 7:30 p.m. Space is limited and participation is $40 per person. Reserve your seats early by calling the Market at 770.392.1499. Payments are accepted via the telephone and as always, will be your confirmation to the event.

E. 48th Street Market is quickly becoming  a destination for Italian wines. Hosting wine tasting events as well as offering wines for every day convenience, special occasions, unique gifts and of course, the connoisseur.

This wine tasting is special since the wines are from a very small producer from the region of Verona, L’Arco wines. http://www.larcovini.it

Owner and wine maker Luca Fredrigo, will be conducting the wine tasting featuring most of  the wines of Verona as well as wines from his new venture in Tuscany. We look forward to welcoming Luca back after being away from the Atlanta market for over 6 years.

Taste and Compare

The tasting will be educational, informative and fun. The wine tasting will be organized as a sit down event allowing you the opportunity to truly taste the wines. Every participant will receive a tasting sheet to note your likes or dislikes and an opportunity to consider how much you would pay for the wine you enjoyed. At the end of the tasting you will receive a “buy sheet” allowing you to compare actual costs vs. your considerations. Please note, purchases made following the event will be offered at a discounted price.

The Market will also be serving delicious antipasto and pasta to truly enjoy the wines with food.